Tuesday, May 01, 2007

My Sunset

I invite you to stumble!

An ode to my recent nightmare

Eerie apparitions
chill me to the bone
Nightmare's unappetizing fear
fills my marrow
by a force
and sweat upon my brow
I try lift my lids
to find a ghostly form
wisp through me
again .. and again .. wake up!
by fascination of unknown
Two taunting forms standone of light .. one exudes love
the other .. so vacant and black
His cruelties aware me
to make known
I am not welcome in this dream
My breath he steals away .. confines me
as coolness of his dark handed heart
rushes through meagain .. and again
I must run
Yet .. the body fails provide motion
to self-awaken
from this foul, unearthly dream

[Img is a rushed scrawl on Paint by me]