Monday, July 23, 2007

Khuda Ke Liye??

And here is another issue to fuel the political activities spreading like wild fire accross the country.
First the CJ became the pawn, then the Laal Majid issue and the so called Jihaad loving mullah's who tried to flee under a woman's Burqa (*wtf*) and now...a movie!
Iv been gaining first hand knowledge abt the movie from my boss..who i may add is the director of the movie.
Threat emails, security alerts, bomb threats for all of us dare we step into a cinema to watch the movie and what not! The national media has already been gagged and choked with barely audible whimpers coming though once in a while
Superficial topics raging accross the FM Channels
'Saas buri hoti hai ya bahoo?'
'Come up with new ways to give that girl in the park your number'
'Is Imraan Hashmi hot or is Bipasha a squint?'
Is that all the depth left in our personalities?

Khuda Ke Liye revolves not around a wannabe myth for Pakistani's but the truth. Desi men involved in live in relationships once out of the confines of their families/social strictures, children born out of wedlock, daughters flaunting their gora boyfriends in front of their dads.
The eye openers those fathers face when the girl instead of the son expresses her desire to marry a non-desi or non-muslim and then the typical chakrah of zalim baap dragging the girl to her rooma nd locking her up till he arranges for them to be sent back to Paki land and hitch her up with a complete mulla

Whats wrong with a movie that makes the society come face to face with whats really there..what they really are?
Why are we so scared of admitting what we do? and if we are scared..why do we do that and continue doing it anywayz?

Khuda Ke liye!