Sunday, June 17, 2007

First step into the corporate world

Universities do not prepare you well enough and internships arent a sufficient enough experience to face the first jolt u feel in the corporate world.
I was wrong in thinking that people at work would bond immediately like friends in IBA, help each other out n be really estatic if everyone got an A
But thats not how it works here, competition drips in every nook and corner..even between people who arent directly related to each other heirarchy or job description..more so between bosses and juniors vying to see who gets more appreciation from the CEO

You hide your msn windows from being visible and try not to swipe your card everytime you walk out of the door for an un-needed break. The urge to get abetter cell and a laptop then the person in the next cubicle..and hoping like hell that you get to make the next pitch instead of the smartass who seems to be the boss's fav.

But what gets me to work every morning is the passion to be the best at what im starting to do, to be recognized and asked for the oh-so-cool brand managers to make strategies for their brand, to be trusted by the boss enough to give me a free reign on my decisions.

Kinda dissappointed at not being able to get the P&G account for their new record breaker because of the fits unilever has if you mention P&G in the same room. Their idea..although was a mixed copy of shell n surf but it could have given Helium major mileage.

Tamseel's metamorphis and the brand activation mag is makin me want to do sumthing similar but judging from his analysis and the things he writes...i need atleast 2 years of experience in this industry to claim an accurate observation.

But atleast...this is a starting :)